Wood Care Collection & Warranty


The Guardsman wood care collection and 5 year warranty is only available when you purchase a new piece of wood furniture from Just the Thing Furniture Warehouse.

This can be purchased in-store with your new wood furniture or can be added to your online order by contacting us on completion of your order.


Guardsman wood care collection and warranty provides you with a total care and maintenance system for your new wood furniture.

The Guardsman wood care collection will help protect your new furniture against accidental stains, accidental damage, scratches, gouges, chips, water rings and heat marks.

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The Guardsman wood care collection includes:

  • 354g aerosol can of deep clean.
  • 354g aerosol can of anytime clean and polish.
  • Wood furniture touch-up markers.
  • Wood furniture filler sticks.
  • Ring and mark remover reusable cloth.
  • Reusable dusting cloth.
  • Furniture care guide.
  • 5 year product warranty terms and conditions booklet.

Service back up included in the warranty:

  • 5 year product warranty.
  • Toll-free telephone advisory service.
  • Free cleaning solution and care leaflet.
  • Free home visits from a professional cleaner to resolve the problem.
  • Part or full replacement (at Guardsman's sole discretion) if stain or damage cannot be remedied (subject to the product warranty terms and conditions.

Stains and damage not covered by Guardsman include:

  • Pet damage such as clawing, scratching or chewing.
  • Manufacturing faults and defects.
  • Misuse, abuse or arising from lack of care and maintenance.
  • Build up of dirt, grime, sweat marks and oil.
  • Discolouration and fading.