Leather Clean & Renew Wipes


Guardsman leather clean and renew wipes rejuvenate leather and vinyl upholstery for a renewed look and feel. A gentle but effective water-based cleaner thar removes soil and surface grime to leave leather looking its best.

For best results and long-lasting beauty, use Guardsman leather cleaner at least 6-12 times per year. Always follow up with Guardsman leather protector to create an invisible shield against premature aging and damaging stains.

Product Details:

  • PH balanced to maintain leathers soft, supple feel.
  • Streak-free clean leaving no dust-sticking residue common among all-in-one cleaner conditioners.
  • Keeps leathers intended sheen; free of oily gloss.
  • Safe for use on aniline leather.
  • Not intended for use on suede and nubuck leathers.

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Pack of 20 Wipes in Resealable Package