Collections & Delivery

Collection Conditions

From time to time, we receive requests to assist loading products into vehicles. Just the Thing Furniture staff reserve the right to refuse assistance if the products are unable to be safely loaded into your vehicle without damage to the vehicle or persons.

If assistance is provided, every care will be taken, however it should be noted that we will not be responsible for any damage caused during this process.

Please check your goods at the time of pick up as Just the Thing Furniture does not take responsibility for any handling and transit damage that may occur.

Invoice and pick-up docket must be presented at time of pick up or goods will not be released.

Delivery Conditions

Delivery of items will be arranged for a time convenient to both parties.

The estimated arrival time is only approximate, and delays may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.

Just the Thing Furniture staff do not deliver goods upstairs as they are not insured to do so. If they do at your request, it is at your own risk to the goods and to your premises.

Just the Thing Furniture staff deliver to your door, if you would like the items brought inside your premises, the staff are willing to do so providing reasonable access is available. We do not accept liability for any damages that may be incurred (either inside or outside).

After delivery, please check your items carefully as items with any damage must be reported within 24 hours.